Join Max for an interactive workshop guiding you through character design.

More than anything Sam loves stories. She devours most genres, fiction and non-fiction. She is currently finishing the humorous Mapton-on-Sea trilogy: The Last Resort, Mapton Rising, and the upcoming Make it Mapton. Previous novels include the magic-realism Western, West of the Sunset, Victorian detective story The Army of Righteous Deliverance, and Maddie's Magic Christmas, her first book for children.

Join Sam in this workshop to discover the legend of the terrifying Christmas Krampus, featured in her book Maddie’s Magic Christmas, and then design your own Krampus.
Using descriptions of the Krampus from Sam’s book and pictures from Eastern European folklore, let your imagination roam free to create your own illustration of a Krampus, using a range of materials. Sam is holding a second workshop in the afternoon to make a Krampus mask.
Remember, a Krampus is not just for Christmas, but for Halloween too