Join Gareth to create a visitor from another world.

Gareth has been a primary school teacher educating and inspiring children across the UK, who have in turn inspired him, for twenty years. In 2014 he gave up full-time teaching to focus on another of his passions - stories! He still regularly teaches to keep his finger on the pulse.

All the best stories have weird and wonderful aliens or beings that are different from us. Sometimes they are villains. And sometimes they are heroes. Imagine Han Solo without Chewbacca. Or Gringotts without the goblins. A Greek myth without a centaur or a cyclops.
Find out how Gareth Baker created the uma from his Kinmaran Chronicles. Learn about biomes, how living things adapt to live there, and then create an alien race from your very own planet.
A must for Star Wars fans and anyone who loves to dream of people and places that are far, far away.