Nottingham Telling Tales has been brought to you by a group of local people who are passionate about stories and storytelling.'Telling Tales' follows on from the success of our first festival in 2013, ‘Tales from the River Bank’.

We believe that the power of the written word can never be underestimated. We want to inspire children and build in them a love of books and storytelling, while having lots of fun along the way! It has been an incredible journey so far. We are constantly amazed and awe-struck by the talent and creativity on our doorstep and the goodness of the people who have become involved. We owe them and you all huge thanks.

Come along and enjoy this year’s festival and inspire your kids with our wonderful festival events from a wide range of fantastic contributors!

Our Team

 Julie iulia tom
 Julie: Fesival Chair Iulia: Marketing Tom: Finance 
tim eliza hannah
Tim: Website Elisa: Marketing Hannah: Marketing
kirstie  anna  nona
Kirstie: Fundraising Anna: Social Media  Nona: Social Media