Join Rob as he reads from his award-winning 'The GrumbleGroar'. Rob will run this event twice, once at 10am and again at 10.45am. Both sessions last half an hour.



Come along to this session and Rob will take you on a journey of mystery and imagination with his prize winning books ‘The Grumblegroar’ and ‘The Legend of Sidney Sneed’ both beautifully illustrated by local West Bridgford artist, Howard Barton.

Rob Hann's first rhyming story for children was 'The GrumbleGroar'.  He was inspired to write many more rhyming tales, the main object is to make those stories appeal to reader and child. Schools recognise that rhyme, brilliant illustrations (by his collaborator Howard Barton), and a little bit of science inspires fertile imaginations of children and helps improve literacy and reading skills. 

Rob Hann, Local West Bridgford author, invites you and your children to hear rhyming stories and nonsense poetry inspired by the likes of Spike Milligan, Edward Lear and Dr Zeus.

Discover the secret World beneath your feet where the fearsome Grumblegroar keeps the Earth turning.  Find out the real reason why we have earthquakes, Tsunamis and volcanoes. The book won the New Writer’s Children’s book of the Year in 2012 following feedback from children in east midlands schools.

Meet Sidney Sneed, the centipede, legend and star of the mini beast football league. He has so many legs he doesn't need anyone else on his side but… find out what happens when the ants join forces (Anchester United) to take Sidney on in a winner takes all match of the mini beast day! Sidney recently spent time at Brentford FC where he introduced children to grassroots football mini-beast style.

Who is BumbleBee Ten and why does he want to stand out from the other bees in the hive, paint his stripes green and make lemon curd and strawberry jam - anything but honey?

Who or what is the Quangle Wangle Quee and what is he doing now sitting atop a Crumpetty tree? - Rob has a new spin on the famous Edward Lear non-sense poem!

Come along and join in the fun!